Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missing Blogger Found

After weeks of silence, the missing Wilson World blogger has been found. In a phenomenon that that has left authorities baffled, it appears that the blogger had been spending time with her family instead of posting to her blog. These pictures were captured of the blogger's activities during her absence. It appears that the blogger had many events to post about including her daughter's 6th birthday, Easter activities, and Potomac Cruise with friends. It was therefore surprising to find that the blogger had not posted about any of these happenings. Apparently, no one was hurt during the absence; in fact, the family reports that there was a lot of "fun" occurring. It has been reported that the blogger is begging for forgiveness from the courts and has entered a plea bargin with a suspended sentence for mandatory blogging

1 comment:

Carey and Norman said...

We'll forgive you. :o) We'll just require more frequent updates this time...just kidding.

I loved the guitar birthday cakes! It looks like the party was much fun. I also enjoyed your Easter photos. So sweet.

Glad you are doing well!!